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Doors & Door Frame Services

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We Can Repair and Replace Your Residential and Business Doors and Frames

Wayne and Fred getting ready to install a hollow-core metal door (top), Fred installing a door closer for a local shop (middle), and Wayne securing a door on a shop after a break-in (bottom).

Wayne and Fred getting ready to install a hollow-core metal door (top), Fred installing a door closer for a local shop (middle), and Wayne securing a damaged door on a shop until the replacement door could be installed (bottom).

Sometimes you need more than lock replacement. Your door may be damaged from an attempted break-in, from a storm, or from rot and other damage. You may also want to replace your basic wood door with something stronger to provide added security for your home or office. We have a variety of interior and exterior doors ready to install with the hardware you select.

Expert Door Installation Makes a Difference

When we install your front door, we’ll usually do a full door replacement to meet your performance and appearance needs. It could be a single, double, or custom door, with or without a storm door covering it. A complete door replacement saves the time and trouble of matching up the hinge and lock locations with the existing hardware and allows for a more accurate fit. In addition to wood, steel, and aluminum materials, we can also provide insulating doors to help save on your energy bills and include glass inserts or windows to let some light in. We also perform vestibule installation with your choice of doors.

Specialized Interior and Lifestyle Door Choices

As the entry to an office, dining room, or play area, a glass door provides an excellent way to keep sounds from traveling without isolating the people in the room. Glass doors also add elegance and sparkle. We can provide door hardware and appropriate locking mechanisms that look great and protect what’s inside the room. If you have a back deck or patio, you probably have a sliding door that may have seen better days. Our new sliding models offer additional panes, better screen material, and easy sliding. We’ll install your sliding door for a perfect fit.

Door Jamb Replacement and Repairs

On your exterior doors, weather and insects, rough use or wind slams, and rot from extended dampness can leave your door jamb in rough shape. Multiple lock replacements or pulling on the hinges can also damage the wood surrounding your door. In these cases, we can renew and strengthen your door jamb by replacing it and making a clean installation of the door hardware.

We’re Your Full-Service Mobile Locksmith

Knights Locksmith in Colorado Springs is an affordable, full-service locksmith company with expertise in commercial locks and access control, home doors, and all types of locks including Smart Locks. We’re licensed and certified, use trusted brands that we guarantee and warranty, and we offer a 10% labor discount for military members and seniors. We’re versatile so you can turn to us for all your needs, and when emergencies happen we offer 24-hour emergency lockout service. Give us a call at 719-505-2835 and let us know how we can help you.