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Commercial Locksmith Services

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Manage Your Commercial Space With Our Access Control Hardware and Services

image of IC lock cores and high-security keys (top), analog and digital keypad locks (middle), and an access control system card reader pad (bottom).

Our certified locksmiths can help secure your business and commercial property with high-security IC (interchangeable) core locks and keys (top), a variety of analog and keypad locks (middle), and access control systems (bottom).

Is your business a ring of keys on your hip, or a slender access card in your wallet? Do you like the easy flow of electronic locks or the specific, key-in-hand control of master key systems? However you like to secure your business we have the quality hardware, guaranteed and warrantied by us, and the licensed and certified skills to install them properly.

Secure Your Business Your Way, With Solid Commercial Locks

Trust your business premises to Knights Locksmith, a reliable Colorado Springs locksmith with over 21 years of experience. We install high-security locks that put up a fight against forced entry. Our customers love high-security restricted keyways that make copying your keys a real challenge and hard-to-pick high-security locksets. We have handicap accessible door hardware, safe exit devices, and crash bars so your hard-to-break-into business is easy to exit when necessary.

We Install and Repair Hardcore Hardware At An Affordable Price

As a commercial locksmith, Schlage is one of our preferred lines, and we install LCN, Dorma, HES, Adams Rite, Hager, and other respected brands. If your facility has a suite of offices, we provide small and large IC (interchangeable) core systems that allow you to manage access using locks with interchangeable cores and key control systems. In addition to traditional lock installation, we’re also experts with badge readers and magnetic locks, door access control systems, and alarmed exit devices for a secure, traceable-entry facility access control system. Our locks are paired with our commercial door hardware expertise such as hinge replacement, concealed door closer equipment, mortise locks, and panic devices.

Keeping Your People Moving in Your Secure Workplace

We recommend maglock systems with keyless entry for your high-traffic secure areas such as machine shops, allowing your employees to come and go by scanning and pushing the door open when they have hands full or are pushing carts. We provide lock repair with fast response time so your business doesn’t wait, and quick lock installation when it’s time to upgrade.

Emergency Locksmith Services For Your Business

Secure commercial locks keep your business safe, and our commercial locksmith services keep you from getting stuck when you lose a key or have problems with a deadbolt lock, padlock, or office door. We know you need access quickly. We also offer master lock systems that let you use individual door locks but have a general access solution for authorized users, security, and cleaning needs.

Small Business Needs High-Security Protection

Single-door solutions like push-button locks and keypad lock hardware secure your door providing keyless entry to even your home office space. Our lock and key hardware fit wood and metal doors, and door closers make sure that your property is secure even if you leave in a hurry. We rekey locks and recommend lock rekeying as a precaution whenever you need to be sure only reliable associates have keys to your premises.

Master Key Systems

image of a big ring of keys like a property manager would carry (top) and a diagram of how a master key system would work in a small commercial building (bottom)

If you have a commercial property and your property manager is tired of carrying a huge ring of keys for all the various doors, we can help. We can design a custom Master Key system that will make like much easier for the property owner and on-site property manager.

Knights Locksmith can create custom Master Key systems for almost any application, including residential duplexes, apartment buildings, and large businesses with hundreds of locks. We can reduce the number of keys you need to carry and increase your security at the same time. Each key is stamped with the key number and issue number. It will also save you time because if you ever need a duplicate key just call us with the key number and you will have it the next day stamped and guaranteed to work.

Benefits of a Master Key System

  • One master key will open all the locks in a system, while other keys open only specified locks.
  • Limited keyways prevent tenants or employees from making copies.
  • Provides you with the option of single-key access to your property. We can also install locks that are keyed different, master-keyed, or keyed alike, so you decide who has access to each entrance.

In the bottom image to the right, you see an example of a building where each door is individually keyed with one master key to control each building, and a grand-grand master key to open every door in all the buildings. Padlocks can be added to the Master Key System.

Attention Fleet Managers

Did you ever have to cut a padlock off a truck because the driver didn’t show up for work and he had the keys with him? Let Knights Locksmith of Colorado Springs set up a master key system for all your padlocks.

Not only will you have a Grand Master key to open all the locks, but you can call us with the lock number and we can make you the individual key for that lock.

If you are concerned that the driver with the key will not return to work, don’t throw away the padlock, we can re-key it to a different change (individual) key while still retaining your master key. If a lock should get lost we can make up a new lock to the original specifications so there’s no need to issue new keys.

Your Business Can Count on Knights Locksmith Colorado Springs CO

Our licensed locksmiths are experienced in all types of access control and hardware, and we look forward to helping you secure and protect your business or commercial property.  As a mobile-only service, we also provide 24-hour emergency service and we respond quickly to any access control or lockout problems you may have.

Call our Colorado Springs locksmith team today at 719-505-2835 or email us with your questions or to set up a service appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.